Last week we had to put down our little kitty after 17 very enjoyable years with her.  Dr. Archinal and his staff were great - sensitive, supportive and professional.  Dr. Archinal has been our vet for all these years.  He appears to love his work -- his 'patients'(pets) - and at the same time is pragmatic and realistic.  He offers objective options which is not always what I've encountered.

The staff as well as Dr. A. have always been friendly and seem genuinely interested in what must often be fairly routine questions and concerns.  The offices are modest; the prices reasonable.

We feel lucky to have found San Rafael Animal Hospital many years ago.
— Mary V.
Dr. Archinal and his staff have cared for my pets for many years... cats and dogs. The staff is experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Steve Archinal has been practicing for many, many years and has a natural ability in dealing with pets. I highly recommend this office.
— Dennis N.
Dr. Steve is the BEST!!  My 10 year old silky terrier had a huge swollen lump on the top of his head - Dr. Steve's office said - bring him in - we'll fit him in.  Sure enough it was an abscess totally infected.  Dr. Steve suggested given my silky's age that he not put him under general anesthesia but rather "take the time" to give him a tranquilizer and when he was woozily happy - given him a shot to put him out.  Dr. Steve operated same day - cleaned out the abscess and TOOK THE TIME to speak with me about at home care.   He's the best!!!
— Andrea T.
I've been bringing my three cats and dog to Dr. Archinal and staff for a very long time. What I like about this vet is the common sense approach, very much like the approach I prefer for human health care. They don't order every expensive test and scan known to man, so if you want the high-tech do everything every time approach, this vet isn't for you. But on the other hand they don't try to guilt you into expensive procedures that may or may not help, a situation I hear my friends who go to other vets in the area discussing. For example, when my dog had a small mouth wound that could or could not have been a tooth, Dr. Archenal sent me home with antibiotics to see if it would resolve itself; only when the problem recurred did we together decide to do anesthesia, x-rays and extraction. They take a "wait and watch" approach to many illnesses, but if it's serious or an emergency they provide the highest level of care. Also very proactive in sending out updates to help you keep up with scheduled shots, etc.
—Melanie H.
We've been taking our cats to Dr. Archinal for over 20 years for medical care and boarding. We don't have to go in very often because as I've followed his advise, our cats have remained healthy. My Himalayan is almost 21 years old. He operated on my cat's eye and she had an intestinal operation. As a result of his care and expertise, my kitty's life has doubled. We have safely boarded our cats many times over the last two decades.  San Rafael Animal Hospital is the BEST.
— Diana B.
Great Vet! We brought in our new puppy for his shots and we were very nervous. But Archinal was great. He really cared, he was competent and he was very personable. He answered all of our questions and treated our puppy really well. Overall this was a great place with really friendly and down to earth staff.
— Chloe H.
Dr. Archinal has been our dog's DVM for 6 years. His office staff including Melissa, his office manager, are top notch. They have always been professional, patient and caring. Our sweet girl dawg, Priscilla, passed away last week and throughout her end of of life process,  Dr. Archinal's office was the rock of support we so needed.
—Karen R.
The loving staff rescued my smelly old pug when our house flooded, and took great care of him for three weeks. This is the very best place on earth. THANK YOU!!!! xoxo Alyssa, Audrey and Millie.
— Alyssa C.
Our dog, Obi, gets the best possible care from Dr. Archinal and everyone who works there! They are HUGE animal lovers, highly competent and well-trained, and they all go above and beyond the call no matter what. I've never seen a team that works harder, longer, and with more care and diligence than they do. Everyone who works there can jump in to help out with any emergency or situation that arises, so you know that no matter what, they'll be ready to take care of your pet in a pinch. I can't believe how lucky we are to have found them!
— Sarah Z.
I cannot possibly rate this place high enough.  The staff were wonderful and they very literally saved my dog's life.

My dog had a massive tumor in his spleen.  It needed to be operated on right away and the hospital our vet referred us to had a $3500 base price + over $100 for a consult to even see if we could do it.  Now, my vet in Sonoma is wonderful and so is the hospital in Rohnert Park (we ended up there for another incident anyway), but with a baby on the way, were really struggling with the idea of going into debt for what was not a sure outcome.  Those were gut-wrenching days indeed.

A co-worker of mine recommended San Rafael Animal Hospital.  My wife called and they were genuinely supportive and offered a price we could afford.  We had him in the next day.  Dr. Archinal was very up front about the risks and costs.  We went for it.

The surgery went perfectly.  Our dog is like a puppy again, all healed up and full of energy.  This place may not be all shiny and new, but Dr. Archinal has decades of experience and is obviously, in my experience anyway, a skilled and caring surgeon.

All my best and thanks for everything.
— Roger W.
I have taken 2 of my dogs here and I completely trust Dr. Archinal and the staff here.  They took great care of me and my babies and I can't thank them enough for what they have done for me.  I highly recommend This place!!! : )
— April S.
Dr Archinal, Melissa, Penny all treat my dog like she's part of the family.  They are caring,  empathetic and all have a great sense of humor and I actually enjoy visiting.

BTW....I first encountered them when I lived in Marin and they treated my dog since 2001.  Even though I live in San Francisco I still took my dog to see them.

There are no shortage of vets in the city....Now we have a new dog and unless there's an emergency I won't take her anywhere else!
— Bruce Z.
I can't say enough about how great this Vet and his staff are.
No white coats and hush hush atmosphere like some Vets.
Dr. Archinal is a very caring and gentle Vet. My dog hated the Vet's office where we used to take her but she waltzes right in to the waiting room like she owns the place.
And speaking of waiting....... So far I have not had to wait at all in my last two visits.
And the prices are very reasonable. It's all good.
—Greg V.
We have trusted Dr. Archinal with all of our pets for many years.  He is consistently responsive, professional, caring, and knowledgeable.  We have never had less than 5 star experience with him.  At one point we tried a vet nearer to our home, and after one miserable visit, we came right back to Dr. Archinal. I have trouble believing the old, negative reviews.  Sometimes beloved pets don't make it through anesthesia, just like some people don't.  Don't blame the doctor if the pet is allergic, overly sensitive, and overly reactive.  I thought I had written a review earlier, but I don't see it posted, so I am writing this one.
— Ann B.
We have been coming here for many years and Dr. Archinal and staff are fabulous. Melissa, at the front desk is so compassionate, knowledgeable and kind.  Called yesterday and got an immediate appointment.  We arrived with our dog, Bennie.  Dr Archinal was not there; Dr. Davis helped us. He only works on Thursdays.  He was kind, gentle, informative, and he took care of Bennie's illness as needed.  I love this place and I am very thankful for their caring and mostly family-run staff.
—Pat P.
I cant say enough about this hospital and the staff. Dr Archinal, Melissa, and Penny have always been supportive and kind when Ive been freaked about my min pin whom always has some issue or another. Friendly knowledgeable and always going out of their way to help with the health of my pets.
Love love love this place!
My pup doesnt go anywhere else!!
— Dawn H.
Dr. Archinal is the most caring and brilliant vet.  He as taken care of all our dogs going back 20 years.  Also, we board our dogs there and know they are safe and sound.
Love this place!
—Brian C.
Took my big dumb beautiful Black Lab "Vita" here,  she was very itchy. They had her all fixed up in a flash, right at the close of business... The Doc was very attentive and caring toward my big goofy girl.
Now our cat  "Icky" is there due to a wound on her head. After a very traumatic car ride, to her surprise we arrived safely. We just a call she's all fixed up and ready to go.
Very happy with the caring service and pricing.
We have found our new Vet!
—Mr. R.
This is a wonderful place, run by a wonderful family, where they take the time to do the very best for your furry friends. I have been going to a VCA vet in Marin for a very long time, and paying a tremendous amount (thanks to corporate control), but I will now solely use SR Animal Hospital to get the best care for my pets.
—Jennifer M.
We've been taking Zoe here for years. She's now geriatric at 17 years of age and still going strong!
— Naz K.
I recently moved to Marin from Los Angeles. I have three senior dogs and finding a good vet was a major concern of mine. Two of my rescues are over 15 years old and may be crossing the rainbow bridge soon.

I found the San Rafael staff to be incredibly caring and professional. The Doctor identified some issues they were having and how I might improve the quality of their life.

My doggies seemed very comfortable in their care and I can't thank them enough.
—Shawnee N.
Reasonably priced, family owned, fast-responding, kind and professional.
My experience at this place was like a breath of fresh air after multiple disappointing and expensive visits to the vets in the US (I live abroad)
I got helped here at a rate that I could actually afford and the friendly staff went extra mile, even dropping consultation fees. They even provided extra medicine for my dog's sister animal without additional visit, because it simply made perfect sense to do so.
I got appointment within half hour after calling them.
Five star plus. Gotta love these people.
—Danesh O.
I've been taking my pets to SR Animal Hospital for 20 years. Dr. A and his entire staff are awesome. They're knowledgeable plus kind and patient! Melissa was the tech that took care of Maya on Saturday and she was great! Maya loves her! Thank you all for being so wonderful!
— P.R.
Dr. Archinal and his team are simply the best! My cat has been going to SR Animal Hospital for a few years now. He was sick recently and had to be seen immediately. My cat needed surgery and they did not waste any time after we brought him in. He stayed at the hospital for a few days after his surgery where they monitored and took great care of him. I cannot thank Dr. Archinal and his team enough for their swift action which saved my cats life.
—Joanne B.
I've been to many Vets in my lifetime, having cats and dogs my entire life and I would say this makes me an expert on how a client should feel. I would just like to thank both of the doctors at this practice and the office staff personally. Amazing in every way -- fair pricing, honest feedback, and an awesome staff. I found them on yelp and took a chance. I couldn't be happier!
— The P.
They saved my dog's life!   I was able to spend a lot of time with my dog, keeping him comforted while he was in a strange place.  All of the staff were supportive and respectful.  One problem is that the doctor comes and explains the treatment plan, then sends someone else to give you the cost breakdown.  It's kind of helpful to have the costs with the plan to make good decisions.  Nevertheless, I give them top rating because they do an excellent job and provide respectful, compassionate service.
— M.B.
I love this veterinarian and his staff! Dr A is amazing. He treats all of my furry family members, Melissa , Penny, and everyone there are absolutely amazing. They truly care for tour pets and their well being. I wont go anywhere else.
— Diana R.
I took our dog Sierra to have his teeth cleaned at the San Rafael Animal hospital.   I found that the staff and the office were A-1.   I highly recommend the San Rafael Animal Hospital.
— Sonja D.
The best veterinary care in the Bay Area. Dr. Archinal saved our 16 year old dog's life. She truly has a new lease on life because Dr. Archinal didn't give up on her. With his correct diagnosis and course of treatment, our sweet Frankie is walking and running and back to being her old self. We also love that this is a family run business. His two daughters are just as caring and thoughtful and let's not forget the sweet Charlie, the office cat who will insist on loving you and being loved.
— Katherine Y.
I've been taking my pets here for over a decade. I have never, ever been disappointed.  Dr. A has treated every one of my pets like gold (even my tiny white mouse that I brought in several years ago).  He genuinely loves animals and that is reflected in the quality of each visit. He also has a very calming demeanor.

San Rafael Animal Hospital is also incredibly reasonable! I walked out today paying less than half of what I thought I was going to have to pay. The ladies at the front desk are also incredibly gracious, attentive, kind and funny. I just love this place and I am so so so happy to be back in the area so that I can take my cats here and ONLY here!  Best vet, ever.
—Bryana F.